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Charm Your Guests At Any Event With Live Music

Whether you want to impress your friends or ensure your guests dance at your wedding, contact The Guzzlers in Houston, Texas. We provide live music for events. Our band plays rock, classic and southern rock, country, disco, soul, and blues.  Our band knows putting on a good show is all about luring people into your music. That's what we do.

The Guzzlers at K9s 4 COPS

Our Sound

Get a taste of our musical flair when you see us perform live at different venues. We know 150 southern rock songs, 200 classic rock songs, and even 10 to 12 popular and disco songs from the 1980s. We are very versatile, and we know how to use our talent and skills to adapt and play for many demographics and tastes. Our specialties include:

• Music From the 1980s
• Blues
• Classic Rock
• Country

• Disco
• Rock N' Roll
• Soul Music


Our service pricing varies depending on the specific gig. Contact us to learn about the variables for each gig and to check our availability.